Current Favorite Tracks

Okay. I know I asked for any suggestions for my next post but you guys were too slow to race with a bum’s mind lol. Or just because of the unfortunate truth that no one has read my previous post yet. Hahaha! I thought of this idea when I was taking a shower. Where else when you’re a bum right?!

First song and video is…. TADAAA! Of course it’s gonna be Sam Smith’s!!! I love all of his songs but this rendition has got to be the best he’s ever done so farrrr! (Though I have to admit this is the only rendition he did that I have listened to. Is there anything else? Haha.) So guys, pause Latch for now and give a chance to Sam Smith’s rendition of How Will I Know by Whitney Houston!

Now try singing like Sam Smith! Ang sarap magfeeling singer when I sing this song! :))

Second one is Tove Lo’s Stay High (Habits Remix) feat. Hippie Sabotage. Take note that I like the remix ah not the original one! Mas nakakahigh yung remix. Chos! This passes for sexy time music, weed sessions, and soundtrack ng drama ng lovelife mo. If I was to pick a soundtrack for my life movie, this would definitely show on the credits!

Of course, for the third one and my current crush, I gotta give it to my future husband, Pharell!!!! Hahaha! I LOVE HIS LATEST ALBUM, GIRL! Even the album cover omg I cannot even put on proper punctuation marks except for so many exclamation points!!!!!!!! :)) There is definitely more to this man than trying to steal a scene with his hat. I have so many songs that I like from his new album but my top 1 is Hunter! Ang saya pa kasi I first heard this song while we were approaching Vegas na so before you listen to this song, imagine yourself in the car, seeing the dancing lights of Las Vegas tapos sobrang party na party ka na! Hahaha. Go have a listen! Love this performance at Jimmy Kimmel by the way!

Fourth one I love focuses more on the beat and the music itself rather than the lyrics or the melody. But I like the voice of whoever is singing! 🙂 I don’t go partying anymore or spend the night out as often but for me this kind of song is best listened to while driving, chilling on my couch and taking a shower!

Next current favorite wants to make me go out right now and party haha. Don’t worry I always contradict myself. I honestly am not all over the song but I loooove the video. I know this contradicts my blog title (told ya haha) but hello. I would not let you miss watching Chris Brown’s hotness here while dancinggggg!!!!! PLUS he wore the grandma/bucket hat way better than Justin Bieber! And my baby Lil Wayne is here toooo! <3. Don’t go hatin’! I find him cute hahaha.

Last one on the list is……. LFT by Quadron!!! If you’re a fan of jazzy, soulful and classy music then I am quite sure you’ll fall in love with her. Don’t worry Jessie Ware, you’re still my number 1 forever. 🙂 But my cousin definitely is Quadron’s number one and genuine lover! I actually learned Quadron from him. If you haven’t listened to this artist yet, then you better press the play button beeloow! Make my cousin and Quadron happy!

There you gooo. 🙂 Do you love my current favorites or hate them? Did you learn a thing or two or discovered a new artist? Please comment below so I’ll know if I’m doing any good for the universe! 🙂


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