Third Time’s A Charm: Another Day at Pinto Art Musuem

If you haven’t been to Pinto Art Museum (considering that you are currently living in the metro), my darling, you are either living under a rock or just.. I don’t know. Well you have your reasons. :))

I’ve gone to Pinto Art Museum thrice already. Nothing much has changed between my first, second and third visit, maybe just some new pieces of art or the arrangement of things, and oh yes, the entrance fee – which has gone up from P150 to P180. Although there is nothing much new to see whenever I go back to visit, there is no argument that it is absolutely always a very pretty place to be in.

So.. for the people who know me well, I guess it’s no shocker for you that I took tons of photos here! OF COURSE! How can someone resist to take photos when every spot where you pose has a perfect backdrop? That piece of art below agrees! (I think.) :))


Good thing they allow DSLRs inside! You can even take as much photos of the artworks as you want, just remember not to touch any of them unless they are interactive pieces of art. Also, take note that they have a strict policy when it comes to changing outfits and doing prenup and whatnot photoshoots inside. The first time I went here I had full make up on just because (hello, I’m a very girly girl who by the way also LOVES make up and posing for the camera) So the admin lady warned us that we can’t do any photoshoot inside their premises OR ELSE! Chill po manang, pangInstagram lang po. :)) They also have security personnel within the area that roam around so be careful if you are going to be sneaky! lol.


Lakas maka-madame dba? :)) Seriously though, this place is ABUNDANT with white background – perfect for your curated, hipsterish, millenial Instagram feed! You just gotta be creative!


If you notice in the picture below, the clear blue sky is such a pretty contrast against the green leaves and also serves as a nice background! #nofilter Now, if only I had a different pose… :/


Tip: Since Pinto Art Museum is not your typical museum, (it has a pool but you can’t swim in it and almost 65% of it basks under the sun and the moonlight!) I suggest go at around 3PM so the sun wouldn’t be as harsh. Plus you’ll get to take nicer photos and will be able to catch the “golden sunset” for more drama in yo takes! 🙂 Good lighting is KEY!

You might be wondering, why I didn’t post any pictures of the artwork, or why I did not cover as much of the museum through this post. WHY are the pictures all ME? Hahaha. :)) Well, that is because 1) I really enjoyed having my photos taken and I dressed up for this so cut me some slack and just appreciate. Lol. 2) and the more important reason is, for you to be surprised and be in awe of how amazing and beautiful this place is! I swear the photos I included here show only .01% of Pinto’s interior and exterior beauty. Please do yourself or someone else a favor. Surprise your girl and take her here. They have two restaurants where you can eat or order a mango shake (which btw is super yum!). Or you can take your whole family here or you and your friends can take as much photos as you please! If you are an art or architectural/interior design enthusiast, you have to come check this place out!


When you have decided to go, here are a few reminders:

  • check their Facebook account for any announcements such as closed for the holiday, an event, prices have gone up, etc. It’s always good to be updated and kept in the loop! I’m sure you don’t want to drive up to Antipolo for nothin’!
  • Bring sunblock for obvious reasons! It is of utmost importance to take care of our skin not just because we want to look pretty and flawless but because the skin is an organ too that we should keep healthy! 🙂
  • Bring water! The place can get really humid and you’d have to walk around under the sun so keep in mind to drink up to stay hydrated! You can also buy fruit shakes at their restaurant or ask for house water.
  • Charge your batteries and bring a powerbank. WHY? Are you seriously asking me why?
  • Bring extra shirt/top! Since you will be exposed under the glaring sun, if you are someone who sweats profusely, you’ll need to change your shirt!
  • Bring a hat. Not only will it add more detail to your ootd, it will double as a protection for your face against the sun. I don’t recommend bringing an umbrella because it will just add to the weight of whatever you are carrying. Keep in mind that you will be walking around leisurely and looking at pieces of art, and taking pictures in between. Please spare yourself the hassle of bringing an umbrella and wear a hat instead – for your ootd, convenience and sun protection!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I highly suggest not to wear heels. If you really want to, I’d go for a wedge cause you’ll be doing a lot of walking!


I trust that you Pinto Art Museum virgin have updated your planner or have called up your friend to go to this amazing place! Let me know how you find it! 🙂