7107 International Music Festival Day 2 | Outfit Post

So it’s day 2 and we surely got to listen to more artists and take more photos during the day! Yay!

I love this outfit more than the first one and I actually fell in love with it instantly the moment I tried it on. :))

But first… Let me take a selfie! HAHA!


I always put my lipstick on last when I do my make up and I ALWAYS fail to apply it before taking a photo. Sorry for this photo, I only got it from my Instagram, hence the filter.


WELCOME TO 7107 Day 2! So excited!!!

of course we had to take a photo by the humongous billboard!
of course we had to take a photo by the humongous billboard!

As well as with this big falcon/eagle (?) here! We kind of spent a few minutes here to check if we still needed anything from the car of if we wanted to leave anything behind since people couldn’t go out anymore the moment they get inside.


Behind the shots… Funny how on the photo itself it looks nice but the “behind the scenes” will always look awkward for me. Haha.

Freesia taking my photo :)
Freesia taking my photo 🙂


Headband/Bandana from Krizia, Backless halter top from Zara, shorts from Zara, aviators from Fly Shades, leather sling bag from Dooney and Bourke and tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
Headband/Bandana from Krizia, Backless halter top from Zara, shorts from Zara, aviators from Fly Shades, leather sling bag from Dooney and Bourke and tasseled ankle boots from Topshop

Loved the afternoon sun! Waiting for UDD. 🙂


My hair was my best friend on this day! It cooperated so well with Krizia’s headband! 🙂 But it was still really dry. :/


I surely didn’t come up with “ninacurly” for having straight hair!

While waiting in line for the beer. Grabe! There was only one station that sold liquor. Sobrang haba ng pila. 😥 So first, we took a selwie. hahaha! Nakakainis na ako. #weehours HELLO, MR. PHOTOBOMBER!

Me, Krizia and Alvin
Me, Krizia and Alvin

Empire of the Sun! I never thought they would come and perform in the Philippines!


1274287_709569222399055_1659969743_o (1)

There were a lot of artists that I really liked and a lot of photos that I took but they are uploaded either on my Facebook or Instagram. Now I realise it’s a horrible habit to blog very late. Plus I’m really sleepy so I think this post is not as coherent as I wanted it to be. But I hope you liked it and that you learned something from it no matter how materialistic or maarte my posts are. Haha. And oh, I gotta give my sincere kudos and congratulations to Jon Herrera and the rest of the people behind this event. I think you guys are a brave and idealistic bunch. Many people were horrified with the ticket prices and felt that all of this was just a hype (guilty as charged) but as day 2 was about to end, I really hoped that there was a day 3 because it was so fun. This has been the best concert and event I have ever been to so far and it’s sad because now I have such a high expectation for the others but I know there won’t be something like this until the next one! Logistics were superb, me and my friends did not have to wait for more than 5 minutes to get into a portable toilet, and the artists they brought in were artists I never thought would come to the Philippines like Empire of the Sun, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Kendrick Lamar. I just hope I have a job already before the second 7107 International Music Festival! 😛 I’d definitely save a lot for a music event like this! 🙂


7107 International Music Festival Day 1 | Outfit Post

I know, I know. This post is too late to blog about! But I’m really trying to lessen the backlog and make up for my bum days. Cause what will I blog if I’m always at home cleaning? Haha.

I never intended to go to this music festival after learning that they did not meet my expectations or even a single artist that I really, really hoped for to see! Plus, I thought the ticket prices were too expensive. But then my best friend from college was celebrating her birthday soon and she kind of encouraged me to go. And I was like, okay fine I just have to find very cheap tickets. I went to Twitter to check for anyone selling tickets (at 2AM ha and on the day itself) and I found someone who sold it for P 2,000! I was so happyyy! Well, almost. I didn’t have anything to wear!!!! I mean for sure everyone’s going to get dressed up for the first ever international music festival in the country! I went to TriNoma and hurried to my favorite stores and luckily I was able to buy pieces that I really, really like even until now. 🙂

We got there at around four in the afternoon or five so we couldn’t get nice shots anymore because there was no more sun. Anyhoo, here is my OOTD for 7107 day 1!

I apologize for the badly edited photos haha. I really had bad lighting. 😦 But thank you to Freesia for always taking my photos and coming with me here! 🙂


Bandeau thingy from Zara, denim shorts DIY, denim polo thrifted, sling leather bag from Dooney & Bourke, tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
Bandeau thingy from Zara, denim shorts DIY, denim polo thrifted, sling leather bag from Dooney & Bourke, tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
with mi college friends!
with mi college friends!
taking my time and living in the moment chos!
taking my time and living in the moment chos!


Day 1 seriously felt like a rush for me but it was fun! Surprisingly, the logistics were very well executed and I felt safe on the concert grounds! Good job for day 1!

After A Long Time

March 17, 2012

After almost a year (seriously), my friends from college and I finally found the time to meet and catch up on things. I met up with Krizia at Gateway then we waited for Amiga (really, that’s what I call her. Haha.). We were supposed to go straight to Rosann’s house in Kalayaan, but we passed by Mercato in Taguig and you know what happened next. 🙂 So instead, Rosann and Kimi, who by the way arrived earlier than the three of us, went to Mercato also! Wahaha!

It was my first time to go there and I really loved the food, the ambiance and the place itself — stress-free! Just make sure that you go early so that you could still reserve a table or even seats na lang.

Didn’t expect that bumabaha ng isaw do’n. Haha!

Here are Amiga and Krizia modeling their isaws. Haha. ‘Isaws’ talaga ang plural form. 🙂 We never got to eat these though ’cause the vendors forgot to give our claim number. So when we went there to get what we  ordered, ayaw na nila ibigay. WTH. Anyway, we did not pay yet so okay na lang.

They also had a variety of paellas to choose from!

We also bought two clam chowders that were all bread. Argh. But it really tasted very gooood!

This one’s my new favorite! TACLINGS! 🙂 It is definitely a must try! It tastes very different from the regular tacos. It has a sweet kick in it. Kick talaga. Haha. :)n And of course, they’re so small so it’s really easy to eat! Less mess!llll!!!!!!! 

It was also my first time to see Rosann’s tattoo! 🙂 Love it! 🙂

We tried Merry Moo but it wasn’t really something interesting for me to buy. Hanggang free taste na lang. 😀

They have interesting flavors though! 🙂

It was because what I really wanted to buy was Mochiko ice cream. I tried Mochiko Cookie Dough and I was really excited to try it! The lady said it’s their best seller. I was so excited to try it already, but syempre picture first. HAHA.

But after I tried it, gossssssh. Kadiri. I am never buying this ‘ice cream’ again. There was too much dough wrapped around the ice cream. Puro dough na lang nakain ko. Worse, the ice cream tasted like a regular one. Nothing really great about it and yet I spent 70php for it. Oh well. To anyone who really likes Mochiko ice cream, I have nothing against you and I hope you don’t get mad at me for not liking it. We just have our own preferences. 🙂 Cheers!

Kimi’s sexy back!

I really enjoyed this night. Sobrang saya. I was so busy and focused on my work and finally got the chance to unwind, enjoy and eat great food (except for the mochiko) with my friends. We must definitely do this more often! I miss you guys already. 🙂