The Forest House Review (super late post)


This is a super late post (Based on August 2015 stay) so the information mentioned here might be nonfactual anymore. Nevertheless, I hope it will help you decide where to stay in Baguio!


We drove up to the City of Pines to celebrate my 25th birthday!

With your birthday falling on a rainy season, one would probably have a hard time deciding on where to celebrate especially when you live in a tropical country. I currently live in the metro where there is fortunately a number of nearby beaches but with a tropical storm approaching, I had to take the sandy shores off the list. Well, some people would still prefer to go to beaches despite the typhoon warnings but I guess I was just not in the mood for that at the time and besides, I was really looking forward to wearing this military parka and woven cropped top I bought at a thrift store months ago (which I will share on my next post!).

So with beaches off the list and my winter clothes at the ready, I decided to celebrate my 25th in the City of Pines, also known as Baguio City!

We had no reservations, no itinerary, no nothing! I only had a list of places where we could go to eat and stay at. I even had to go to my then potential employer to sign contracts and whatnots on the day of my birthday! I guess the older you get, the more sacrifices you have to make. At least, I got a birthday present in the form of a new job and company. 🙂 So no complaints at all!

After almost six hours of travel from Makati via Kennon Road (yes, it didn’t really help due to a lot of road works) we finally arrive in Baguio City! Hm hm hm! First on our to-do list was to look for a place to check in. We looked for Guest Haven first but we just couldn’t find it even if Waze said we were already there. So we called their number but then the person I talked to didn’t give me directions, instead, kind of schooled me on booking ahead of time. I was like, “sheesh, I was only inquiring!” Plus, I really wanted to check their place out and see for myself Baguio’s number one bed and breakfast on TripAdvisor. The lady didn’t give me directions or anything and was slightly rude if you check my customer service meter. So off we go to check other inns and found a quaint, cottage themed B&B, The Forest House Baguio.

Upon entry, the staff greeted us with a warm smile and attended to us right away. The Forest House only has 5 rooms and luckily the cheapest room was still available at P2,200/night with awesome breakfast meals (regular rate is P3,700)! One of the perks of your birthday falling on a rainy season is that you get to enjoy discounts like this one!

IMG_4023The excited birthday girl!

Upon entering The Forest House, you will see the fireplace behind me as well as their restaurant.


The Keanu Room!


Love love love welcome drinks more especially so when they’re not the staple iced tea! We got mango nectarine with real mango slices that came with motivational quotes!


The bed! Yes, I brought three hats for this three-day trip!

The place is quite old so I was expecting an old cabinet smell but when we walked into the room, it smelled like freshly laundered sheets!

Trivia/Tip: One good thing about old hotels/condos is that their sizes are way more spacious so if you’re the type who likes to stay in big rooms, go for hotels that were built in the 80’s, 90’s or early 2000’s.

IMG_3850I most definitely prefer rooms with LCD TV but not having cable TV is a bit of a thumbs down for me like this one..


A table where you can do your make up! Although the lighting is absolutely waaaay darker than what’s in this picture!


Aside from the room size, their cabinets boast lots of space too! You can stack over 20 pairs of shoes in these shelf compartments, keep your luggage and suitcases inside and hang your clothes on the racks! They provide around 5 hangers for you to use too.


They also have a window with a view. 🙂



I wish they change their shower curtain to match the overall theme of the room.


Their bathroom is equipped with a water heater and shower head. There was no pail or a dipper in the shower area, so I had a hard time to wash the things I had to wash if ya know what I mean! Haha. They also provided a pair of toothbrush, strawberry soap and shampoo and toothpaste.. I think? That soap dispenser, btw, had no soap to dispense and the water faucet had no heater. Nevertheless, it was a pretty decent and very spacious bathroom!

Right outside the Keanu room, here is what you’ll see: A dining area with a view!



There’s also a staircase leading to the rooms downstairs.



More seats and a fridge where you can chill your wine for free!

And!! Their breakfast is awesooooome and super delicioso! Nicely plated, can be customized the way you want it to be cooked and of decent amount! Not like other free breakfasts that scream, “well, you get what you pay for.”


I got the bangus and it comes with rice, egg a fruit juice/coffee and atchara on the side! Super yum and filling!


FREE breakfast also comes with not just one but TWO eggs. Yayyy! This one’s their tapa!


Overall, I’d give Forest House a 9/10! It’s affordable, location is good cause it’s right along Loakan Road which is near other must see places in Baguio, and their customer service is superb! If their TV had cable and the bathroom sink also had heater, I’d give them a perfect 10! But for other travelers, I know this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m just maarte that way. :))

I highly recommend Forest House to be your temporary “home” the next time you visit Baguio! 🙂 Did I mention they serve awesome food too at their restaurant? Guess that’s another thing I must write about!

The Forest House details:

(074) 447 0459