Not Me

What do you do when you find yourself living a life with no direction? When you wake up one day and realize… where has all my passion gone?

For the past few months I have been battling depression. I was actually in total denial that I was going through it. I mean c’mon. I’m like one of the most sociable and bubbliest persons you will ever meet. I never thought someone who likes a big crowd, loves having conversations with strangers and travels often would even remotely find herself sad and depressed.

Then it hit me. I don’t really remember when and how. But then I would just wake up every day feeling lethargic with my mind wandering and my spirit floating in a void. I actually quit social media because it felt so toxic to me. I felt everything was fake and pretentious. I did not want to see what I was missing out on so I shut the world outside of mine. At one point I even wanted to hurt myself so I could feel something. So I could still confirm that I am still alive. I never thought that the disturbing things I hear could be true until I actually experienced them.

I’m still going through a lot but I’m relieved to say that I’m slowly picking myself up, gradually putting myself out into the world. I guess I’ve been feeling this way because I haven’t been able to express myself in so long and that was the one thing that has always kept me going.

To this blog, thank you. You know how much I like to write when I get so emotional.


You can do this, Nina. Just begin. ❤




Oh, hello trusty old blog!

I don’t know why I just can’t maintain and update you. Or maybe I do know? Because I’m too lazy to. But I just recently had quit my day job (again, for the second time) to pursue my passion and live what I have been dreaming of all this time.

I am writing again because I came across Arianne Serafico’s blog post, which talks about why one should continue writing and encourages people to start blogging. And look how effective it is!

The thing is, I could not draw myself to write when I don’t feel any emotions. When I don’t feel venting out or when I don’t have something I am excited about. Not that I’m saying that my life for the past year until now has been uneventful, but.. I don’t know.. I guess I just found myself under a rock where I concealed my emotions and thoughts and I think that also made me afraid to voice out what I think in writing. I feel like (well matter of factly) writing is a skill that should be practiced and developed and because I stopped doing it for a long time, I am now in a situation where I am scared and where I feel the lack of confidence to write. Heck, I’m even disappointed at how this post turned out because I can’t remember the words I want to use, the better words that would make this post more comprehensive and cohesive.

But I will try to write every so often so I can at least practice once a week and hopefully bring my lazy ass to write every single day! Yay!


Let’s see how this turns out. 🙂


Wow. It’s been two years since I last wrote my “most recent” entry. Lol. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad I got to visit this baby again! 🙂 Yes, I will now call it “baby” because I intend to nurture and develop it like a real kid. :)) 


So many changes…. Before, I’ve never left the country and now, I’ve already explored four unexpected worlds I never thought I could ever go to. Six months ago, I had a job which answered to most of my whims and short lived luxurious life (well, it wasn’t really like how you think “luxurious” is haha) and now I stay at home six days a week or fine, seven! Haha. #bumlifeforsixmonthsandcounting 

Okay. So maybe that is why I decided to write again.. I can’t think of anything to do! I just hope I reach the goals I set for this neglected blog of moi!

If there’s anyone reading this, please let me know any thoughts that you may have or any suggestions for my next blog post! I’d really appreciate your time and input or just anything at all! Even the negative! Okay? Okay. Haha.


-Nina. 🙂

When You Log In to Multiply… You Get Nostalgic and You End Up With A Nostalgic Post

Sometimes, we do crazy things. We take risks, we make drastic changes. Eventually, we come to a realization that what was original and what was given, are the only things that are to be considered and nothing else. We end up stopping taking risks, molding the drastic changes into its original form and deciding to choose with full conviction to relive and to go back to what was originally given and what effortlessly came out.
I miss my long, black, curly hair!!!!
Akala nyo kung ano noh? Haha. Wow, turning the TV off makes me more productive!
*Why is this post’s HTML not working? Ayaw magspaces in between!! Anyway, sorry about that! :))
Before, I just saw my hair as curly, buhaghag, dapat ipa-straight. Pero grabe, ang ganda pala tingnan sakin. :(((( Never ko pinagmalaki yan or anything. As in, wala, usual, eto hair ko. Haaay.. No magic tricks were done with my hair on this picture!  No curling irons, no rollers, as in natural yan… Then I cut it short whyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t Get Over

Last Saturday, December 10th, my phone got stolen at Greenhills. 😦

I am really not the type to dread on something such as just what happened but… NAKAKAINIS LANG! HAHA.

A few days before my phone was stolen, I already had a premonition that my mobile phone will be stolen or I will get it lost or something. I also had feelings (feelings talaga haha) that I don’t want  it anymore. I was planning on buying a Blackberry but I did not consider giving up my Nokia since I want to have a Globe number again (Wala na kasi akong friends eh. Haha. Kidding). So the original plan was to still have my Sun using my Nokia phone and have my Globe using my Blackberry. But…. Nangyari na ang hindi inaasahan (well, kind of haha).

I went to Greenhills to buy gifts for my office mates and to buy an outfit for our company’s Christmas Gala the next day. I went to the mall and avoided the tiangge ’cause I really had a feeling that something would be stolen from me. I just did not know if it would be my cash, my wallet or my cellphone. 😦 So I looked around and saw this store and I loved their displays and I ended up buying two tops and a pair of palazzo pants. Yay! I was the only customer there, by the way. I paid, walked away from the store and checked where my cellphone was. It was nowhere to be found already. I kept my cool and calmly went back to the store. “Ate, may naiwan ba akong cellphone dyan?”, I asked CALMLY. “Wala po, ma’am eh. Saan nyo po ba nilagay?” Hello, malay ko ba hindi ko na nga alam kung nasan eh. I was very sure that my phone was still with me when I was trying  out the clothes and everything and I was only less than a meter away from the store when I realised that my phone was missing. I searched every corner of the store pero wala talaga. Haaay. Masama mangbintang! Hehehe. And besides, I am the one to be blamed ’cause I was not careful and vigilant. I asked the saleslady where I can find a payphone and they directed me to the lounge area. I hurriedly called Niko and asked him to call my number but it was unavailable already. In a matter of two hours, wala na akong cellphone. Magaling! I did not continue on completing my check list. Instead, I rushed home to change all my passwords since I often use my phone to access my Facebook, Twiitter, WordPress and bank accounts. Actually, sa lahat na halos. Stupid ko lang hindi ko nilolog-out yung accounts ko. But when I arrived home, my sister just ended her call with Niko. Niko pala called and told Blinky that he will meet me at Greenhills!! Awww!! :”> Pina-page pa nya ako nakakaloka!!! Hehehe. I called Niko immediately to tell him that I was home already. Touched ako dun, grabe. Hihihi. So he just went to our house and siya na yung nagpalit ng passwords ko ’cause I was dressing up then we met his friends at Mister Kabab after. 🙂

So that is the story of my lost phone. Payo ko lang, mahalin nyo ang mga phone ninyo. Haha. Kasi it’s true talaga. Me and my sister cantestify to it. That once you make your phone feel neglected (so may feeling ang phones?), mawawala at magpapanakaw siya!!! Haha. Kaya sa next phone ko, mamahalin ko na talaga ng buong puso! Hahahaha. And intuitions are very true! Besides my premonitions and feeling on the day my phone got stolen, Niko pala texted me ng, “Baby, ingat sa mga snatchers. I’m worried.” But I never got to read that text ’cause nanakaw na yung phone ko! Grrr. I just wish that the person who stole my phone will never do it again and that he or she was really in need. Merry Christmas sayo! Haha.

Here’s a picture of my ex-phone. Haha. 4 months lang kami nyan. :/ Ang sarap sarap pa naman magtext diyan!!!!! And it had sentimental value ’cause that was the last thing that my Mom and Dad bought for me. It was my grad gift. Echos. Haha. Now, they will not buy me anything anymore ’cause I have work na. :((( This too shall pass! Haha. Grabe ako mag-fret! And una ko talaga naisip ang daming messages ni Niko dun. Tapos yung pictures pa namin sa Cam Sur andun! Kainis!!!!!!

This Looks Like A Great Idea

Though I’ve been wanting to drink and socialize with my friends for the longest time, fate (fate talaga? haha.) won’t let us meet with each other. :(( Sabog sabog na schedule para mas malinaw. :)) So here I am, sitting on my bed on a Saturday night — walang magawa kung hindi isipin kung ano ang gagawin kong project for my room! It makes my brain burst whenever I get this what-to-do-with-my-room attack. As in grabe. My room was not designed for my liking and for my preferences as it was built way before I was born. So I have to deal with what my grandparents blessed me with and just do my magic tricks for it to suit my needs and wants. Unfortunately, time and money do not permit me to. Moreover, even if I had the luxury of time and money, my ideas are scattered and disarranged badly and that, I know, is a huge problem. Thanks to my superego, I decided to stay calm, to stop getting overexcited and just do one thing at a time. Or think of one idea at a time. But it’s really hard for me to do that. I swear I couldn’t!

I looked for pictures of rooms on the internet to get ideas that are somehow realistic as compared with mine. Haha. I hope this would be of great help so I could decide soon what I should do with my room.

I kind of like this, but who would do these murals for me?

Nagmukha naman akong ukay queen.

OA ha.

Kinda okay..

Too costly to achieve!

OMG. I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap (makes sense?) Seems like I don’t really need to remodel my room for now. Instead, I should get some sleep! Happy December! xx


I’ve been waiting for my 13th month pay since forever!!! I have some really serious Christmas shopping to do. This time, I am not making a list for myself but for the people I value the most. 🙂 It’s time to give back and make them feel that they are special to me (even if I’m so mataray and prinsesita  most of the time). Haha. I am hoping that I’ll have the strength to do my shopping in one day only. But I really doubt that I’d accomplish that. Maybe in two days. We’ll see. I just have to have my 13th month pay first!! Gooossssh. EERRRR. I’m getting uneasy na talagaaa.


Oh, and by the way, HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!!! 🙂 Let’s all be happy and jolly and smiling and loving and giving! 🙂 I am so excited for Christmas! 🙂

Look Up

It seems that wedding videos are a trend right now. I mean, wedding videos edited like a short movie. Before, I thought that couples from the showbiz industry are the only ones who could possibly be able to have their wedding videos as beautifully created as the ones we have today.

I am sharing my cousins’ wedding videos to you guys so you could see how can videographers/creative minds can make your wedding more memorable and special — even beyond what you imagined.

This was by Mayad Studios. I super adore this team’s works! Their themes really make the video and the wedding seem like it’s an actual movie. I can see how creative and brilliant their minds are.

Actually, there is another video by Mayad Studios for my Ate Aileen’s wedding. I think it’s the pre-wedding video. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on the net and I can’t find our copy of it. Well, I think the copy is still at Ate Aileen’s house. I don’t really know. I like the pre-wedding video than this one but it’s theme and content are different naman except for Ate Aileen, Kuya Edward and their love for each other. Haha. I highly recommend Mayad Studios for couples who are planning to get married! They are so brilliant check my cousin’s wedding video outttt!

Video URL:

For wedding photos, I also highly recommend Nelwin Uy. His photos are amaziiing. Here are some of his photos. I really hope I will be able to afford him, or my “future husband” (haha) will be able to afford his services! Click the link below! 🙂

Okay, on my “prologue”, I said cousins’, meaning I was showing wedding videos of two of my cousins who got married. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the wedding videographer’s website and it’s on my Tita’s private profile on Facebook! Arrrggh. Anyway, the video is by Bob Nicolas and I’ll just share the link here for his website.

For people who are planning to get married, I think getting a GOOD and CREATIVE wedding videographer is a MUST and should be part of the wedding budget! They just make your wedding so much speciallll!! They have this way of making the bride seem the most beautiful, the most cherished and the most awaited human being ever awaited for in the entire universe! For the groom, videographers kind of make them seem a gentleman or the perfect match for the bride. Haha. kidding! They also have good taste in music! Notice that the music they use really match the theme of the video, the status in the society of the couple and other things. They are just so awessssooomeeeee. And you get to be an “artista” oh dba? 🙂