Ang sarap pag GAME lahat ng kasama mo. 🙂

Grace, my super cool, bootylicious office mate went to my desk to tell me that Kuya Aldrin was dropping by the office and was hoping to hang out with us after our shift.  At around 5AM, we took the elevator from the 10th floor down to the lobby and waited for Kuya Aldrin! 🙂 Medyo MATAGAL din kami nagintay. HAHA. Kidding! 🙂 Finally, a tall guy emerged from the back entrance of the building wearing a beige polo and a pair of red Chucks. (I won’t describe all that he wore ’cause I don’t want this to turn out as  a fashion post. Maybe on my next. :D)

So ayun na.. Kwentuhan!!! Then I can’t remember if it was me or Kuya Aldrin who mentioned about going to Maginhawa but it just made us all decide at 6AM, IN MAKATI, WITH TIRED MINDS AND DROOPY EYES, to ride the bus across the street and go straight to Maginhawa! 🙂 Ang saya lang pag GAME lahat! 🙂 To think that kakakilala ko lang din sa kanila except for Kuya Aldrin whom I have known since college. 🙂

So we rode a bus going to Fairview, got off at Philcoa and rode a tricycle to Maginhawa. 🙂 Since it was around 6:30-7:30 in the morning, very few establishments were open including Moonleaf which I haven’t tried yet and one of the reasons why we went to Maginhawa. (I know, loser ako. :D) Theeeeerefooooooore, with nothing else to do and go to, we walked the long street of Maginhawa (avenue na nga ata yun eh. Ang haba talaga ng nilakad namin back and forth pa haha). But it was super fun ’cause we discovered so many new, intriguing and beautiful dwelling places? Haha. There was this instance wherein Kuya Aldrin made us stop walking and told us na “May makikita kayong maganda dito.” Something like that, I suppose. Then nung pagtingin namin, OMG you really wouldn’t expect there was this beautiful little “house” painted yellow with a lush green lawn. Parang mga bahay sa Tagaytay! Ganda! Then we later learned that it is where Van Gogh Is Bipolar’s located! Hay, galing talaga! We weren’t able to come in though ’cause besides it being so early in the morning so it was obviously not yet open, “Jethro” was not in the country and the caretaker said they have no idea when he’s coming back. No Jethro, no Van Gogh.

So basta to cut my story short (ayoko maging nobela ‘to about sa paglalakad) we looked for a place to eat breakfast. Naghanap talaga kami ng unique and enticing restaurant/bistro whatever pero nada! Actually may nakita na kami few minutes after we got off from the tricycle but adventurers kami eh bakit ba! So ano minsan napapala? Babalik ka rin sa pinanggalingan mo. Haha. Anyway, I’ll post some pictures now! Actually ALL that I took except for one ’cause it got corrupted. (I really didn’t have to explain, right?)

Sorry for the “non-hi def” photos but I think it’s OK naman? 🙂 Just used my camera phone for thy documentationnn. :))

“Follow the lead.” :)))

Kuya Aldrin
My officemates. 🙂
With Grace, Joy and Betchu 😀

Your special request :))

Oh! By the way! When we finished eating sobrang dami naming nilarong Logic games grabeeeee! Three hours ata yun! Haha. Sobrang saya! To kill time ’cause we had to wait for Moonleaf to open at 11AM. 😦

Hey!! Roxanne, Betchu and I have no solo pictures!!!

Now on to the food!! Sobrang sarap OKAY! Didn’t get to take pictures of all our orders though.

Roxanne’s arroz caldo?

Joy’s Sisig with egg

Glitters or foil? There’s my Beef Pares!

Waiting for Moonleaf to open! Actually we saw the “Open” sign and immediately came in but then ndi pa pala sila bukas OKAY. So we waited pa for almost an hour outside. 😦

Guilty. 😦

Finally! Moonleaf’s already open!!! FIRST CUSTOMER BY THE WAY ON MY FIRST EVER MOONLEAF EXPERIENCE! (Me ganon talaga?)

Niña forever. I think I should practice pronouncing my nickname.

So that’s me with no blood circulating.

Thank you, Joy, Bethcu, Roxanne, Grace and Kuya Aldrin. 🙂 Can’t wait for our next one. 🙂


I Miss My Night Life


Tatakbo at gagalaw

Mag-iisip kung dapat bang bumitaw
Kulang na lang, atakihin
Ang pag-hinga’y nabibitin

Ang dahilan na alam mo na
Kahit ano pang sabihin nila
Tayong dalawa lamang ang makakaalam
Ngunit ako ngayo’y naguguluhan

Makikinig ba ako
Sa aking isip na dati pa namang magulo?
O iindak na lamang
Sa tibok ng puso mo

At aasahan ko na lamang na
Hindi mo aapakan ang aking mga paa
Pipikit na lamang at mag-sasayaw
Habang nanonood siya…

Paalis at pabalik
May baong yakap at suklian ng halik
Mag-papaalam at mag-sisisi
Habang papiglas ka ako sayo ay tatabi

Tayong dalawa lamang ang nakaka-alam
Ngunit hindi na matanto kung sino nga ba ang pag-bibigyan ko
Makikinig nga ba sa isipan na alam ang wasto

O pipigilan ang pag-ibig nya na totoo

Iindak na lamang ba sa tibok ng puso mo 
At aasahan ko hindi nya lamang aapakan ang aking mga paa
Pipikit na lamang at mag-sasaya 
Habang nalulungkot ka

Habang nalulungkot ka, isa nama’y natutuwa

Minsan naman ay lumuluha