I’ve been waiting for my 13th month pay since forever!!! I have some really serious Christmas shopping to do. This time, I am not making a list for myself but for the people I value the most. 🙂 It’s time to give back and make them feel that they are special to me (even if I’m so mataray and prinsesita  most of the time). Haha. I am hoping that I’ll have the strength to do my shopping in one day only. But I really doubt that I’d accomplish that. Maybe in two days. We’ll see. I just have to have my 13th month pay first!! Gooossssh. EERRRR. I’m getting uneasy na talagaaa.


Oh, and by the way, HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE!!! 🙂 Let’s all be happy and jolly and smiling and loving and giving! 🙂 I am so excited for Christmas! 🙂