Sharing Beauty Secrets To The World Vol. 2

Do you ever have problems buying foundations? Choosing the perfect color can be a hard task. Moreover, having the feel of greasiness and oiliness (when you have liquid foundation) can feel so icky and disgusting! Instead to feel beautiful, you feel oily and uncomfortable with your skin. Also, to hide your blemishes, you spend another few bucks to buy a concealer. Well, worry no more ’cause Clinique has the perfect product for you!


The Clinique super fit make-up! It’s oil free and you don’t have to worry to reapply it ’cause it’s intended for long wear! I use it for my everyday make up and so far I am happy with it! I don’t need to buy concealer ’cause of it’s dual purpose. It’s a foundation and a concealer at the same time! Another good thing is though it’s liquid foundation, it’s not messy or hard to apply. I just pour less than a pea-sized amount onto my middle finger and put dots of it onto my face and spread it. Careful though while pushing some of it out ’cause it pours easily. It’s not high in viscosity. I hope you guys try it. For the price, I really don’t know as of now since mine was just given by my aunt. If you know, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank you! 🙂 N