When You Log In to Multiply… You Get Nostalgic and You End Up With A Nostalgic Post

Sometimes, we do crazy things. We take risks, we make drastic changes. Eventually, we come to a realization that what was original and what was given, are the only things that are to be considered and nothing else. We end up stopping taking risks, molding the drastic changes into its original form and deciding to choose with full conviction to relive and to go back to what was originally given and what effortlessly came out.
I miss my long, black, curly hair!!!!
Akala nyo kung ano noh? Haha. Wow, turning the TV off makes me more productive!
*Why is this post’s HTML not working? Ayaw magspaces in between!! Anyway, sorry about that! :))
Before, I just saw my hair as curly, buhaghag, dapat ipa-straight. Pero grabe, ang ganda pala tingnan sakin. :(((( Never ko pinagmalaki yan or anything. As in, wala, usual, eto hair ko. Haaay.. No magic tricks were done with my hair on this picture!  No curling irons, no rollers, as in natural yan… Then I cut it short whyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!