Headphones Are Oblivious

Just now, I have realized how amazing headphones are! Aside from the fact that they fire up my neurons and increase the level of my arousal due to the production of a merely confined sound, I discovered that they are also the perfect, practical, non-obvious instrument to substitute to the banging of doors, going out of the house in the wee hours and the most effective  to make me concentrate in what I am doing. To achieve this, DO NOT play any music and just wear them in the most comfortable state!

Sometimes, MOST OF THE TIMES, rather, I am weird. Weird to the extent that you won’t even notice. It’s like you had a head-on collision and the impact was sooooooo strong and forceful that the pain was so of course “painful” you coudn’t even feel it!  That’s how weird I am and I commend and acknowledge myself for saying that and blogging it to the world! N