Sunday With The Two

My siblings and I do not see each other often so we make sure that whenever we have free time, we would eat out and just take gazillions of pictures for us to look at if we suddenly miss each other. LOL.

I have been wanting to go to Stacy’s for the longest time but it was only last Sunday, August 11, 2012 that I had the chance to go.

I went with my Ate and my younger brother, Victor. Too bad Blinky had to study for her exams on a weekend. 😦

The place was so nice although it was really small to accommodate their growing number of customers. The servers asked us to wait outside and that they would just call us if there would be a free table inside.

So we just did what they asked and of course took photos immediately!

The place was really nice! Dainty, cozy and you’ll feel like you’re not in Quezon City at all.

My ate na emotera. 🙂

Litol brother 🙂

and of course, me! 🙂

We waited for I think 20 minutes and the servers were just too damn busy to assist us so we just decided to eat outside. While we were waiting for our food, syempre we took pictures again!

Finally… the food!!!! 🙂

This one is super yummy! It’s called Waikiki Omu-Rice! It looks like it can be cooked by anyone but trust me masarap talaga sya. 🙂 

I forgot what this was called basta may French something. It’s a new addition to their menu. 🙂

I think this one’s called Ceralovers Mix? Haha.

My brother didn’t like this vanilla shake and so did I. We loved the chocolate shake though.

I hope someday you make it on the cover of Esquire. Lols.

My office mates will be very happy —paper straw!

Wow, after how many years?! Peter’s Butter Ball. Didn’t even know they still have those. Anyway, if you go to Stacy’s they will give you these candies together with your receipt. 🙂

So many people…. If you want to go here I suggest you go early or have a table reserved for you.

But, overall, it was a happy day with Ate and Victor. 🙂


Day 3

It’s been three days now since our helper had her day-off. Until now, she has not come back.

Many helpers have worked and stayed here in my grandmother’s house in Quezon City. At first, they seemed to be okay with us and my grandmother. But as their stay gets longer, the more they build up the golden key that would free them from here in their minds.

My grandmother is wicked. 🙂 If you would ask me to describe her, I would give you the words, sexy, old, provoking, discriminating and most of the times snobbish to indigent people. I wouldn’t blame her for possessing those descriptions because she came from a wealthy family; her dad owned a mining company and her only sibling, my grandfather, is a retired commercial pilot. They were the illustrados, as some would call them in Bicol, her hometown. She was used to clothing herself with top of the line clothes and flying to different parts of the world.

When the World War II broke, their mining sites were bombed causing their family to lose a fortune. Luckily, they still managed to live the life they were used to but this time, through the hard way.

When she got married, her life succumbed into a rapid 360 degree turn. Her life had changed forever.

She had two children whom she took care of alone as a single mother. Consequently, it affected the two children greatly especially only their helper was present most of the times.

Now, with our generation, my grandmother is very much disconnected and in protest. This is the reason why we always argue and fight over things. I think that she’s unreasonable and frustrating, judgmental and evil-minded. I do not even consider that these are caused by old age.

As I type and blog, I am not ignorant of the fact that I am actually talking ill of my grandmother when as expected, I should be respecting and understanding her in every possible way I can. But sometimes, she’s just too hard to handle. I can’t discern why she does things the way she does and why she thinks the way she thinks. However, although she has these unneccessary actions and thoughts, she’s still my grandmother. My direct bloodline. My race, my kin. I can’t just put her away and forget that she indeed, without any doubts, is my grandmother.

Our helper has not come back yet since last Sunday. I doubt that she ever will. In a few days, we will surely be having a new pair of helpers that would, as they stay longer, try to escape from this wickedly governed house and never in their wildest dreams ever return. N