Now, I Know

“It’s not that I can’t live without you, I just don’t want to.”


I just said this to my sister referring to the person I don’t want to lose. Ironically, this statement came from the person I left a few years back. BUT!!! I did not realize that until I finished saying out heartily the quoted statement above. You might be wondering why I uttered these heartfelt words to my sister. It’s because until now, I haven’t spoken or had any chance of communicating with my boyfriend. 😦 It’s been two days already and I feel an additional weight on my chest every waking day and mostly, during the wee hours of the day. I hope he would get to read this. I hope he knows that fear and hesitation are getting the best of my ability to call and reach him again and again. The kind of fear and hesitation that are elicited by the thought of being rejected again and again.