Sunday With The Two

My siblings and I do not see each other often so we make sure that whenever we have free time, we would eat out and just take gazillions of pictures for us to look at if we suddenly miss each other. LOL.

I have been wanting to go to Stacy’s for the longest time but it was only last Sunday, August 11, 2012 that I had the chance to go.

I went with my Ate and my younger brother, Victor. Too bad Blinky had to study for her exams on a weekend. 😦

The place was so nice although it was really small to accommodate their growing number of customers. The servers asked us to wait outside and that they would just call us if there would be a free table inside.

So we just did what they asked and of course took photos immediately!

The place was really nice! Dainty, cozy and you’ll feel like you’re not in Quezon City at all.

My ate na emotera. 🙂

Litol brother 🙂

and of course, me! 🙂

We waited for I think 20 minutes and the servers were just too damn busy to assist us so we just decided to eat outside. While we were waiting for our food, syempre we took pictures again!

Finally… the food!!!! 🙂

This one is super yummy! It’s called Waikiki Omu-Rice! It looks like it can be cooked by anyone but trust me masarap talaga sya. 🙂 

I forgot what this was called basta may French something. It’s a new addition to their menu. 🙂

I think this one’s called Ceralovers Mix? Haha.

My brother didn’t like this vanilla shake and so did I. We loved the chocolate shake though.

I hope someday you make it on the cover of Esquire. Lols.

My office mates will be very happy —paper straw!

Wow, after how many years?! Peter’s Butter Ball. Didn’t even know they still have those. Anyway, if you go to Stacy’s they will give you these candies together with your receipt. 🙂

So many people…. If you want to go here I suggest you go early or have a table reserved for you.

But, overall, it was a happy day with Ate and Victor. 🙂


After A Long Time

March 17, 2012

After almost a year (seriously), my friends from college and I finally found the time to meet and catch up on things. I met up with Krizia at Gateway then we waited for Amiga (really, that’s what I call her. Haha.). We were supposed to go straight to Rosann’s house in Kalayaan, but we passed by Mercato in Taguig and you know what happened next. 🙂 So instead, Rosann and Kimi, who by the way arrived earlier than the three of us, went to Mercato also! Wahaha!

It was my first time to go there and I really loved the food, the ambiance and the place itself — stress-free! Just make sure that you go early so that you could still reserve a table or even seats na lang.

Didn’t expect that bumabaha ng isaw do’n. Haha!

Here are Amiga and Krizia modeling their isaws. Haha. ‘Isaws’ talaga ang plural form. 🙂 We never got to eat these though ’cause the vendors forgot to give our claim number. So when we went there to get what we  ordered, ayaw na nila ibigay. WTH. Anyway, we did not pay yet so okay na lang.

They also had a variety of paellas to choose from!

We also bought two clam chowders that were all bread. Argh. But it really tasted very gooood!

This one’s my new favorite! TACLINGS! 🙂 It is definitely a must try! It tastes very different from the regular tacos. It has a sweet kick in it. Kick talaga. Haha. :)n And of course, they’re so small so it’s really easy to eat! Less mess!llll!!!!!!! 

It was also my first time to see Rosann’s tattoo! 🙂 Love it! 🙂

We tried Merry Moo but it wasn’t really something interesting for me to buy. Hanggang free taste na lang. 😀

They have interesting flavors though! 🙂

It was because what I really wanted to buy was Mochiko ice cream. I tried Mochiko Cookie Dough and I was really excited to try it! The lady said it’s their best seller. I was so excited to try it already, but syempre picture first. HAHA.

But after I tried it, gossssssh. Kadiri. I am never buying this ‘ice cream’ again. There was too much dough wrapped around the ice cream. Puro dough na lang nakain ko. Worse, the ice cream tasted like a regular one. Nothing really great about it and yet I spent 70php for it. Oh well. To anyone who really likes Mochiko ice cream, I have nothing against you and I hope you don’t get mad at me for not liking it. We just have our own preferences. 🙂 Cheers!

Kimi’s sexy back!

I really enjoyed this night. Sobrang saya. I was so busy and focused on my work and finally got the chance to unwind, enjoy and eat great food (except for the mochiko) with my friends. We must definitely do this more often! I miss you guys already. 🙂


Though I was ve…

Though I was very sleepy and overwhelmed with all the new information presented, my first day of training went well today. I realized that I should be thankful instead of being so sad and grumpy (as I’d been since our department head told me that I’ll be transferred to a different department). This kind of opportunity is not offered all the time and you have to be, of course, ‘qualified’, to get into that department. (I did think of specifications and other adjectives.) And I’d like to think I got picked ’cause I know I did a pretty good job. But I know this is me sugar-coating the sadness I still feel. So this is me contradicting what I’ve just written. Haha. Anyway, maybe it’s just not yet sinking in. ‘Cause on the same week that our DH told me that I’ll be starting my training after that week immediately, I was already feeling the love for my job. You know that feeling that you just love what you do and that you feel you do a good job and that you’re so happy with your officemates, everyone and everything, the salary that you get every pay check, just that feeling. And then someone tells you that you have to leave that job (that you are happy with) and you have to start from scratch again. 😦 Well, I am open to changes but not on a short-notice.. I’d prefer that. Hehe. Nevertheless, it is the only constant thing in the world, they say. So I guess this also serves as a learning for me –that the world is fast-paced. It doesn’t stop and no matter what you do to make it slow down it won’t. You always have to adapt and be ready for anything. and maybe this marks the-i-guess-soon-to-be-new-chapter-in-my-life. But that’s a different story and I kinda wanna skip that chapter or maybe tear the pages of it. 🙂 Oh and btw, I am blogging thru my mobile phone!! 🙂 Kinda cool huh. Haha. Well, for me! (ako na loser.) My sister installed an app/software i don’t know which one to use haha and it enables you to surf the internet just as you would on a normal PC or laptop!! Just almost the same! Thank You, Lord! Haha.


Ang sarap pag GAME lahat ng kasama mo. 🙂

Grace, my super cool, bootylicious office mate went to my desk to tell me that Kuya Aldrin was dropping by the office and was hoping to hang out with us after our shift.  At around 5AM, we took the elevator from the 10th floor down to the lobby and waited for Kuya Aldrin! 🙂 Medyo MATAGAL din kami nagintay. HAHA. Kidding! 🙂 Finally, a tall guy emerged from the back entrance of the building wearing a beige polo and a pair of red Chucks. (I won’t describe all that he wore ’cause I don’t want this to turn out as  a fashion post. Maybe on my next. :D)

So ayun na.. Kwentuhan!!! Then I can’t remember if it was me or Kuya Aldrin who mentioned about going to Maginhawa but it just made us all decide at 6AM, IN MAKATI, WITH TIRED MINDS AND DROOPY EYES, to ride the bus across the street and go straight to Maginhawa! 🙂 Ang saya lang pag GAME lahat! 🙂 To think that kakakilala ko lang din sa kanila except for Kuya Aldrin whom I have known since college. 🙂

So we rode a bus going to Fairview, got off at Philcoa and rode a tricycle to Maginhawa. 🙂 Since it was around 6:30-7:30 in the morning, very few establishments were open including Moonleaf which I haven’t tried yet and one of the reasons why we went to Maginhawa. (I know, loser ako. :D) Theeeeerefooooooore, with nothing else to do and go to, we walked the long street of Maginhawa (avenue na nga ata yun eh. Ang haba talaga ng nilakad namin back and forth pa haha). But it was super fun ’cause we discovered so many new, intriguing and beautiful dwelling places? Haha. There was this instance wherein Kuya Aldrin made us stop walking and told us na “May makikita kayong maganda dito.” Something like that, I suppose. Then nung pagtingin namin, OMG you really wouldn’t expect there was this beautiful little “house” painted yellow with a lush green lawn. Parang mga bahay sa Tagaytay! Ganda! Then we later learned that it is where Van Gogh Is Bipolar’s located! Hay, galing talaga! We weren’t able to come in though ’cause besides it being so early in the morning so it was obviously not yet open, “Jethro” was not in the country and the caretaker said they have no idea when he’s coming back. No Jethro, no Van Gogh.

So basta to cut my story short (ayoko maging nobela ‘to about sa paglalakad) we looked for a place to eat breakfast. Naghanap talaga kami ng unique and enticing restaurant/bistro whatever pero nada! Actually may nakita na kami few minutes after we got off from the tricycle but adventurers kami eh bakit ba! So ano minsan napapala? Babalik ka rin sa pinanggalingan mo. Haha. Anyway, I’ll post some pictures now! Actually ALL that I took except for one ’cause it got corrupted. (I really didn’t have to explain, right?)

Sorry for the “non-hi def” photos but I think it’s OK naman? 🙂 Just used my camera phone for thy documentationnn. :))

“Follow the lead.” :)))

Kuya Aldrin
My officemates. 🙂
With Grace, Joy and Betchu 😀

Your special request :))

Oh! By the way! When we finished eating sobrang dami naming nilarong Logic games grabeeeee! Three hours ata yun! Haha. Sobrang saya! To kill time ’cause we had to wait for Moonleaf to open at 11AM. 😦

Hey!! Roxanne, Betchu and I have no solo pictures!!!

Now on to the food!! Sobrang sarap OKAY! Didn’t get to take pictures of all our orders though.

Roxanne’s arroz caldo?

Joy’s Sisig with egg

Glitters or foil? There’s my Beef Pares!

Waiting for Moonleaf to open! Actually we saw the “Open” sign and immediately came in but then ndi pa pala sila bukas OKAY. So we waited pa for almost an hour outside. 😦

Guilty. 😦

Finally! Moonleaf’s already open!!! FIRST CUSTOMER BY THE WAY ON MY FIRST EVER MOONLEAF EXPERIENCE! (Me ganon talaga?)

Niña forever. I think I should practice pronouncing my nickname.

So that’s me with no blood circulating.

Thank you, Joy, Bethcu, Roxanne, Grace and Kuya Aldrin. 🙂 Can’t wait for our next one. 🙂

Hungry? Order Hungry!

Hungry, Php88

This Hungarian sausage is divineeee! Not to mention the generous serving of mashed potato that comes with it! It’s my second visit at Tummy Fillers and I ordered the same dish I ordered the first time I went to this place. It only costs Php88 and trust me you should eat this only when you have ample space in your stomach or if you’re really… HUNGRY! 🙂

Colors and Digits Nails and More

June 28, 2011

My friend, Carla and I decided to channel our emotional stressors (haha) into a relaxing day at a spa. After eating at Tummy Fillers, we went to Colors and Digits to get our nails cleaned, colored and polished. Actually, we were not sure whether we should have our nails done at Colors and Digits or at Dainty Nails Lounge. But since the former is just beside where we had our scrumptious lunch (at least for me) we settled in and trusted that it would be a haven of relaxation and zen—and that we had found. 🙂

So upon entry here’s what will greet you! 🙂

Their massage technique is a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish.

The thing I loved the most is the wall! I mean walls that had murals (I don’t know if those are considered murals) on it! They are so girlyyyyyy!!!!! They make the place feel so cozy it’s as if I’m in my own room! (Though my room looks way different from how this looks like! :D)

Isn’t the design of this curtain lovely? It’s what separates the anteroom from the main room SLASH whatever you call it. :)) You can refer to the picture above for a holistic view.

The view to my right. Don’t you love symmetry? and the somewhat unveiling of that mural? (Still, I am not sure if I should call it a mural!)

Their Orly shelf! I love the details of this shelf; how it’s constructed, it’s lighting, it’s arrangement! Definitely a plus factor for keen-on-details-customers like us! Though not every bottle is faced and placed the way it should be.

The warmth was JUST right! 🙂

Durable and spacious rack! Not like the ones in other salons that are already crowded and dirty.

Look how cute this chair is! This is where the manicurist/pedicurist sits and it matches the chair for the customers!

Before anything else, yes I have flat feet! The flattest you’ll ever see. Haha. I only had a pedicure and it cost me P150! 🙂 After the pedicurist has cleaned your nails, she’ll give you a leg and foot massage though it’s just really for a matter of SECONDS.

Here’s my friend Carla. 🙂 She just likes wearing her shades so don’t mind that she’s wearing them. :)) And oh, she came from a job interview hence the sexy corporate outfit!

Carla’s nails already done in gold matte!

One last shot before paying!

So as other blog reviews go, I’ll give the service a 9/10. The staff were very kind and caring? Haha. As for customer satisfaction, I give a 6/10. Kinda low eh? One reason is because their pusher was too sharp I was lucky my nails and cuticles did not bleed or had any open wounds. Unfortunately, Carla’s thumb bled and the staff did not perform any first aid procedures or even to disinfect the puncture wound. However, I believe that all these shortcomings and mishaps can be avoided with thorough review by the owner or manager and further training for the staff.

Colors and Digits Nails and more is located in Pallocan West, Batangas City right across The Holy Trinity Church. 

Open Monday-Sunday (10:00am – 8:00pm)

*I forgot to include the picture of the other “mural” which can be found on my next, next post! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

Liberating Shifts

I never had short hair as short as my hair now. I have always worn my hair long and curly. During my second year in college, I thought of cutting my hair short for a change, for a new look. 🙂 But my fear stopped me from going out of my comfort zone until my last year in college. One day, I finally decided with full conviction to cut my hair as short as I can bear, told my sister and her friend and we went immediately to Salon de Manila for me to have my first ever short haircut! The hairstylist and I seemed not to have understood each other and  that resulted to my undesired and unsatisfying haircut. Over a month after I had that cut, I suddenly decided again to cut it this time shorter. 🙂 My classmate, Wil told me that he wanted to have his hair cut on that day so I told him that we should go to the salon together. We went to TriNoma and made a reservation at Bench Fix Salon and tan tananantantaaan!!! SHORT HAIRCUT!!! 🙂 I have never imagined that I would look like this and that I would have the guts to cut my hair this short. It’s one shift that I made in my life. It may not be as significant to you but for me, who had always long curly hair, it’s just liberating. 🙂

The next “liberated shifts” that I would want to pursue are the following:

1. TATTOOS! (Please take note that the word is in plural form) 🙂

Who wouldn’t want one right? But it’s too risky for me since my mom and my dad are very clean with their bodies. Moreover, they think that people with tattoos cannot donate blood anymore. AND! Hello to our stereotypical, norm-based society, people with tattoos are considered ex-cons, drug-addicts or worse, people suffering from AIDS. 😦

2. PIERCING? (The only piercings I have are the ones I had when I was a baby!)

I’m not really sure with this one ’cause I don’t really like having so much studs on my ears or in any part of my body. Lest I would have to decide to have my body pierced, I think I would have one on the tongue. Hahaha.


If I accomplish this, man, I can do whatever there is to do in life, baby!

…and the list goes on and on. 🙂 I better update this once I have my somewhat Eureka moments! 🙂 N


Aside from the title, this is obviously my first ever post and blog. :)) I’m not actually into blogging online but hey, I’m kinda getting old-fashioned already. Besides, I think I need to save more trees. :))

I had many firsts today. 🙂 I had my first EVER oral defense and wow, it was a whirlwind. I do not mean that it was hard or nerve-racking, well actually it was but it was more of a whirlwind for me.

For four years that I have been a BS Psychology student in the prestigious University of Santo Tomas, (so much for the adjective, I know i’m biased) it never occurred to me that someday I will be leaving the school where I had spent the most memorable four years of my life. Four years went by so fast. In a matter of weeks, I will be, as the Script sang, waiting in the unemployment line, tweeting how broke and how frustrated I already am to earn a living. Dude, I AM GETTING FREAKIN’ OLD AND FRRREAKIN’ BROKE. :))) Nevertheless, I have to get up and keep going ’cause it’ aaaaaaaaall up to me, baby! Haha. Why have I suddenly become a gangsta writer? :))) Anyway, it’s just been a day of many firsts actually just two firsts that I thought of writing about. I really do hope I get into this online blogging thingy and update this in the coming days. 🙂 N