Can’t Get Over

Last Saturday, December 10th, my phone got stolen at Greenhills. 😦

I am really not the type to dread on something such as just what happened but… NAKAKAINIS LANG! HAHA.

A few days before my phone was stolen, I already had a premonition that my mobile phone will be stolen or I will get it lost or something. I also had feelings (feelings talaga haha) that I don’t want  it anymore. I was planning on buying a Blackberry but I did not consider giving up my Nokia since I want to have a Globe number again (Wala na kasi akong friends eh. Haha. Kidding). So the original plan was to still have my Sun using my Nokia phone and have my Globe using my Blackberry. But…. Nangyari na ang hindi inaasahan (well, kind of haha).

I went to Greenhills to buy gifts for my office mates and to buy an outfit for our company’s Christmas Gala the next day. I went to the mall and avoided the tiangge ’cause I really had a feeling that something would be stolen from me. I just did not know if it would be my cash, my wallet or my cellphone. 😦 So I looked around and saw this store and I loved their displays and I ended up buying two tops and a pair of palazzo pants. Yay! I was the only customer there, by the way. I paid, walked away from the store and checked where my cellphone was. It was nowhere to be found already. I kept my cool and calmly went back to the store. “Ate, may naiwan ba akong cellphone dyan?”, I asked CALMLY. “Wala po, ma’am eh. Saan nyo po ba nilagay?” Hello, malay ko ba hindi ko na nga alam kung nasan eh. I was very sure that my phone was still with me when I was trying  out the clothes and everything and I was only less than a meter away from the store when I realised that my phone was missing. I searched every corner of the store pero wala talaga. Haaay. Masama mangbintang! Hehehe. And besides, I am the one to be blamed ’cause I was not careful and vigilant. I asked the saleslady where I can find a payphone and they directed me to the lounge area. I hurriedly called Niko and asked him to call my number but it was unavailable already. In a matter of two hours, wala na akong cellphone. Magaling! I did not continue on completing my check list. Instead, I rushed home to change all my passwords since I often use my phone to access my Facebook, Twiitter, WordPress and bank accounts. Actually, sa lahat na halos. Stupid ko lang hindi ko nilolog-out yung accounts ko. But when I arrived home, my sister just ended her call with Niko. Niko pala called and told Blinky that he will meet me at Greenhills!! Awww!! :”> Pina-page pa nya ako nakakaloka!!! Hehehe. I called Niko immediately to tell him that I was home already. Touched ako dun, grabe. Hihihi. So he just went to our house and siya na yung nagpalit ng passwords ko ’cause I was dressing up then we met his friends at Mister Kabab after. 🙂

So that is the story of my lost phone. Payo ko lang, mahalin nyo ang mga phone ninyo. Haha. Kasi it’s true talaga. Me and my sister cantestify to it. That once you make your phone feel neglected (so may feeling ang phones?), mawawala at magpapanakaw siya!!! Haha. Kaya sa next phone ko, mamahalin ko na talaga ng buong puso! Hahahaha. And intuitions are very true! Besides my premonitions and feeling on the day my phone got stolen, Niko pala texted me ng, “Baby, ingat sa mga snatchers. I’m worried.” But I never got to read that text ’cause nanakaw na yung phone ko! Grrr. I just wish that the person who stole my phone will never do it again and that he or she was really in need. Merry Christmas sayo! Haha.

Here’s a picture of my ex-phone. Haha. 4 months lang kami nyan. :/ Ang sarap sarap pa naman magtext diyan!!!!! And it had sentimental value ’cause that was the last thing that my Mom and Dad bought for me. It was my grad gift. Echos. Haha. Now, they will not buy me anything anymore ’cause I have work na. :((( This too shall pass! Haha. Grabe ako mag-fret! And una ko talaga naisip ang daming messages ni Niko dun. Tapos yung pictures pa namin sa Cam Sur andun! Kainis!!!!!!