This Looks Like A Great Idea

Though I’ve been wanting to drink and socialize with my friends for the longest time, fate (fate talaga? haha.) won’t let us meet with each other. :(( Sabog sabog na schedule para mas malinaw. :)) So here I am, sitting on my bed on a Saturday night — walang magawa kung hindi isipin kung ano ang gagawin kong project for my room! It makes my brain burst whenever I get this what-to-do-with-my-room attack. As in grabe. My room was not designed for my liking and for my preferences as it was built way before I was born. So I have to deal with what my grandparents blessed me with and just do my magic tricks for it to suit my needs and wants. Unfortunately, time and money do not permit me to. Moreover, even if I had the luxury of time and money, my ideas are scattered and disarranged badly and that, I know, is a huge problem. Thanks to my superego, I decided to stay calm, to stop getting overexcited and just do one thing at a time. Or think of one idea at a time. But it’s really hard for me to do that. I swear I couldn’t!

I looked for pictures of rooms on the internet to get ideas that are somehow realistic as compared with mine. Haha. I hope this would be of great help so I could decide soon what I should do with my room.

I kind of like this, but who would do these murals for me?

Nagmukha naman akong ukay queen.

OA ha.

Kinda okay..

Too costly to achieve!

OMG. I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap (makes sense?) Seems like I don’t really need to remodel my room for now. Instead, I should get some sleep! Happy December! xx