Of Walls, Of Beds, Of Sheets

It’s 2:18 in the morning. My internet connection is very slow and I have no plans for tomorrow. I did not go out yesterday neither the other day. I did not read a book nor a magazine. I checked and stalked significant others’  Facebook’s, Multiply’s and Flickr’s and all other possible connections the internet can provide. I ate rice in the morning, ate rice for lunch and ate rice again in the evening.

I do not want a life like this. Why did our school end our last year too fast and too far from our graduation day. 😦 Now all I have left to do is to wait. To be inside my room, lay on my bed all day, watch tv and blog, eat, Facebook, stalk, then eat again then wait for myself to become sleepy. I don’t like the feeling of waiting to fall asleep. No matter how many times I will go through a day like this, I WILL NEVER GET USED TO IT. I AM SO BORED. HELP!!!! Give me a job!