I have always been the girl who had so much to say about everything in the world. From what you are wearing up to what is currently happening to the farthest point of the earth. I am a girl who has hurt, praised, bragged, lied, discriminated and commented almost every person I have seen, I have met and I have been with. Funny ’cause though I have said so much already, I still don’t stop. My mouth never ends uttering lame and some of the times, intellectual words. My mind is never empty and I believe that’s a good thing.

As I sit here on my bed with my legs stretched forward, I am thinking of something to write, to say, to comment.

What happened? I have always been the girl who had so much ideas about life. Who regarded everything related to herself. But now, as I analyze and look at the different angles of my existence and being, I realized that hey, I have changed. I have changed a lot!!! Waaaaay lot! Before, I was decisive, strong-willed, competitive, beautiful? Haha. Now, I am fickle-minded, weak, easily toppled down and have BIG EYE BAGS AND A NOT SO AMAZING COMPLEXION.

So what really happened?

That’s too long for me to write and even to think about! My system would crash! 🙂 I can say one reason though. I believe that this BIG change rooted and sprouted from the shift of values and beliefs I had. I won’t elaborate on this but generally it’s because of those significant events. Now, I shall focus on my wellness, my real and spiritual being and the life I would want to live. 🙂 It’s not gonna come back with just one snap but believe me, it will. I will. 🙂 N