Turning 26

Earlier this rainy Wednesday evening while lazing in bed, I was asked by someone over the phone about my availability on my birthday weekend. In case you don’t know yet, I’m turning a year older pretty soon on the first Friday of August. And just so you won’t think that I’m a total narcissistic woman while reading this post, I think it would help you understand me better when I say that I’m that type of person who sees birthdays as the most special day in the whole entire year! Lol. The type who would be in utter disbelief when a coworker spends his birthday at the office or when someone won’t even do anything AT ALL on that day. I mean, come on, you only get to have that day once in the whole entire year, and IT IS YOURS. It’s not like Christmas or New Year. Your birthday is all about YOU! (So yes, I guess I’m pretty much a narcissistic woman after all.)

I couldn’t decide what to do, what to plan and where to go. I just couldn’t foresee how to spend my birthday weekend which I found very unusual. I always knew what to do, I always had an idea where to go, and I always had someone to spend my birthday with. With my birthday falling on a Friday, everyone, including my family will be at work and that leaves me with no one. Huhu!

Then it dawned on me. This is how it is like to be… single (and not have money lol).

A few more minutes into the conversation, tears slowly fell on my temples as I tried to sit up the bed and prop myself up against the pillow. I felt sad, worried and kind of… I don’t know… felt a very unhappy feeling in my chest as if something was weighing down the muscles in my cheeks.

I do not know the reason behind that feeling. Is it because no one else sees my birthday the same way I do? Someone who understands how big it is for me even if other people find it too dreamy, pathetic and childlike.. Someone who plans with me and gets me all excited for my most awaited time of the year? Or is it because I’m just too scared to be alone?

But then I realised, this year is different. And maybe, God wants me to change for the better and find real meaning in the most precious gift anyone could ever ask for – another year to live this complicated but wonderful life. Or maybe He wants me to feel empowered and independent by being alone on a day that I usually spend with the people I love? Or maybe I’m just being a total self-obsessed girl. :))

I feel like I’m getting so emotional because I’m very near the start of my period, hence the tears and this unexpected post. I could really get very emotional at times, I tell you.  But what do you think? Are you also a birthday-obsessed girl/guy like me? Haha. What do you do on your birthday? Let me know by commenting below!






AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016


When you hear “AirAsia”, one would unlikely think of fashion, let alone a designer search. I mean, you’d probably think of low air fares, Malaysia, and of course, beautiful ladies clad in red immediately! Little did I know that this leading and largest low-cost air carrier in Asia has landed onto the world of fashion too!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Philippine leg of the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 where  3 out of 185 aspiring designers were chosen to represent the country in Kuala Lumpur this August. But before I do the big reveal, let me take you through my first ever blog coverage!


We arrived a bit early so we had ample time to laze around and take photos in the hotel.

How cool is this logo???


No waiting game has been played without taking any selfies (at least in my case) Haha. I was fixing my hair because I don’t usually part my hair in the middle and it was all over the place!


Finding my angle. :))


After x number of selfies, we were asked to proceed to the event area where the panel of judges were introduced!

(from L-R) Captain Rolando Ching, Chief Pilot for Training, Philippines AirAsia, Andrew Tan, Founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear, Patrick Galang, Fashion Editor of L’Officiel Manila and Vivy Yusof, Founder of FashionValet.

After two rounds of deliberation and careful and rigorous selection from 185 participants, Mary Camille Veloso, 24, Bea Samson, 28, both from Slims Fashion and Arts School and Ron Santos, 24, from Fashion Institute of Design and Arts – Davao emerged as the top three who will be representing the Philippines in the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 Grand Finale in Kuala Lumpur this August.


These three designer hopefuls now have the chance to walk away as “Air Asia’s Most Promising  Young Designer 2016” and win at least P4 million worth of prizes including a confirmed show segment to showcase his or her full collection at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW team, at least P250, 000 to produce a capsule collection to be sold on fashionvalet.com sponsored by FashionValet and 150,000 AirAsia BIG points sponsored by AirAsia BIG, AirAsia or AirAsia X flights and more that would be revealed soon!

Here I am interviewing the top 3!



When asked what their game plan was for the grand finale, they shared that they would like to highlight the filipino culture through their designs and present the best collection they can possibly create to show the international stage what the Filipino talent can offer. #PinoyPride!

Of course, no AirAsia event would be complete without giving away free flights! Four lucky winners were given away with a free trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the grand finale! Unfortunately, my name was not drawn but it’s all good. Haha. Congratulations!


It was such a happy experience!! (as you can tell from the very blurry and candid photo below) Thank you, AirAsia for inviting us and for creating a platform for young aspiring designers to showcase their talent in the international scene. Good luck to all the contestants! Go, Philippines!!


*Special thanks to Anna Pangalangan 🙂




Third Time’s A Charm: Another Day at Pinto Art Musuem

If you haven’t been to Pinto Art Museum (considering that you are currently living in the metro), my darling, you are either living under a rock or just.. I don’t know. Well you have your reasons. :))

I’ve gone to Pinto Art Museum thrice already. Nothing much has changed between my first, second and third visit, maybe just some new pieces of art or the arrangement of things, and oh yes, the entrance fee – which has gone up from P150 to P180. Although there is nothing much new to see whenever I go back to visit, there is no argument that it is absolutely always a very pretty place to be in.

So.. for the people who know me well, I guess it’s no shocker for you that I took tons of photos here! OF COURSE! How can someone resist to take photos when every spot where you pose has a perfect backdrop? That piece of art below agrees! (I think.) :))


Good thing they allow DSLRs inside! You can even take as much photos of the artworks as you want, just remember not to touch any of them unless they are interactive pieces of art. Also, take note that they have a strict policy when it comes to changing outfits and doing prenup and whatnot photoshoots inside. The first time I went here I had full make up on just because (hello, I’m a very girly girl who by the way also LOVES make up and posing for the camera) So the admin lady warned us that we can’t do any photoshoot inside their premises OR ELSE! Chill po manang, pangInstagram lang po. :)) They also have security personnel within the area that roam around so be careful if you are going to be sneaky! lol.


Lakas maka-madame dba? :)) Seriously though, this place is ABUNDANT with white background – perfect for your curated, hipsterish, millenial Instagram feed! You just gotta be creative!


If you notice in the picture below, the clear blue sky is such a pretty contrast against the green leaves and also serves as a nice background! #nofilter Now, if only I had a different pose… :/


Tip: Since Pinto Art Museum is not your typical museum, (it has a pool but you can’t swim in it and almost 65% of it basks under the sun and the moonlight!) I suggest go at around 3PM so the sun wouldn’t be as harsh. Plus you’ll get to take nicer photos and will be able to catch the “golden sunset” for more drama in yo takes! 🙂 Good lighting is KEY!

You might be wondering, why I didn’t post any pictures of the artwork, or why I did not cover as much of the museum through this post. WHY are the pictures all ME? Hahaha. :)) Well, that is because 1) I really enjoyed having my photos taken and I dressed up for this so cut me some slack and just appreciate. Lol. 2) and the more important reason is, for you to be surprised and be in awe of how amazing and beautiful this place is! I swear the photos I included here show only .01% of Pinto’s interior and exterior beauty. Please do yourself or someone else a favor. Surprise your girl and take her here. They have two restaurants where you can eat or order a mango shake (which btw is super yum!). Or you can take your whole family here or you and your friends can take as much photos as you please! If you are an art or architectural/interior design enthusiast, you have to come check this place out!


When you have decided to go, here are a few reminders:

  • check their Facebook account for any announcements such as closed for the holiday, an event, prices have gone up, etc. It’s always good to be updated and kept in the loop! I’m sure you don’t want to drive up to Antipolo for nothin’!
  • Bring sunblock for obvious reasons! It is of utmost importance to take care of our skin not just because we want to look pretty and flawless but because the skin is an organ too that we should keep healthy! 🙂
  • Bring water! The place can get really humid and you’d have to walk around under the sun so keep in mind to drink up to stay hydrated! You can also buy fruit shakes at their restaurant or ask for house water.
  • Charge your batteries and bring a powerbank. WHY? Are you seriously asking me why?
  • Bring extra shirt/top! Since you will be exposed under the glaring sun, if you are someone who sweats profusely, you’ll need to change your shirt!
  • Bring a hat. Not only will it add more detail to your ootd, it will double as a protection for your face against the sun. I don’t recommend bringing an umbrella because it will just add to the weight of whatever you are carrying. Keep in mind that you will be walking around leisurely and looking at pieces of art, and taking pictures in between. Please spare yourself the hassle of bringing an umbrella and wear a hat instead – for your ootd, convenience and sun protection!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I highly suggest not to wear heels. If you really want to, I’d go for a wedge cause you’ll be doing a lot of walking!


I trust that you Pinto Art Museum virgin have updated your planner or have called up your friend to go to this amazing place! Let me know how you find it! 🙂


The Forest House Review (super late post)


This is a super late post (Based on August 2015 stay) so the information mentioned here might be nonfactual anymore. Nevertheless, I hope it will help you decide where to stay in Baguio!


We drove up to the City of Pines to celebrate my 25th birthday!

With your birthday falling on a rainy season, one would probably have a hard time deciding on where to celebrate especially when you live in a tropical country. I currently live in the metro where there is fortunately a number of nearby beaches but with a tropical storm approaching, I had to take the sandy shores off the list. Well, some people would still prefer to go to beaches despite the typhoon warnings but I guess I was just not in the mood for that at the time and besides, I was really looking forward to wearing this military parka and woven cropped top I bought at a thrift store months ago (which I will share on my next post!).

So with beaches off the list and my winter clothes at the ready, I decided to celebrate my 25th in the City of Pines, also known as Baguio City!

We had no reservations, no itinerary, no nothing! I only had a list of places where we could go to eat and stay at. I even had to go to my then potential employer to sign contracts and whatnots on the day of my birthday! I guess the older you get, the more sacrifices you have to make. At least, I got a birthday present in the form of a new job and company. 🙂 So no complaints at all!

After almost six hours of travel from Makati via Kennon Road (yes, it didn’t really help due to a lot of road works) we finally arrive in Baguio City! Hm hm hm! First on our to-do list was to look for a place to check in. We looked for Guest Haven first but we just couldn’t find it even if Waze said we were already there. So we called their number but then the person I talked to didn’t give me directions, instead, kind of schooled me on booking ahead of time. I was like, “sheesh, I was only inquiring!” Plus, I really wanted to check their place out and see for myself Baguio’s number one bed and breakfast on TripAdvisor. The lady didn’t give me directions or anything and was slightly rude if you check my customer service meter. So off we go to check other inns and found a quaint, cottage themed B&B, The Forest House Baguio.

Upon entry, the staff greeted us with a warm smile and attended to us right away. The Forest House only has 5 rooms and luckily the cheapest room was still available at P2,200/night with awesome breakfast meals (regular rate is P3,700)! One of the perks of your birthday falling on a rainy season is that you get to enjoy discounts like this one!

IMG_4023The excited birthday girl!

Upon entering The Forest House, you will see the fireplace behind me as well as their restaurant.


The Keanu Room!


Love love love welcome drinks more especially so when they’re not the staple iced tea! We got mango nectarine with real mango slices that came with motivational quotes!


The bed! Yes, I brought three hats for this three-day trip!

The place is quite old so I was expecting an old cabinet smell but when we walked into the room, it smelled like freshly laundered sheets!

Trivia/Tip: One good thing about old hotels/condos is that their sizes are way more spacious so if you’re the type who likes to stay in big rooms, go for hotels that were built in the 80’s, 90’s or early 2000’s.

IMG_3850I most definitely prefer rooms with LCD TV but not having cable TV is a bit of a thumbs down for me like this one..


A table where you can do your make up! Although the lighting is absolutely waaaay darker than what’s in this picture!


Aside from the room size, their cabinets boast lots of space too! You can stack over 20 pairs of shoes in these shelf compartments, keep your luggage and suitcases inside and hang your clothes on the racks! They provide around 5 hangers for you to use too.


They also have a window with a view. 🙂



I wish they change their shower curtain to match the overall theme of the room.


Their bathroom is equipped with a water heater and shower head. There was no pail or a dipper in the shower area, so I had a hard time to wash the things I had to wash if ya know what I mean! Haha. They also provided a pair of toothbrush, strawberry soap and shampoo and toothpaste.. I think? That soap dispenser, btw, had no soap to dispense and the water faucet had no heater. Nevertheless, it was a pretty decent and very spacious bathroom!

Right outside the Keanu room, here is what you’ll see: A dining area with a view!



There’s also a staircase leading to the rooms downstairs.



More seats and a fridge where you can chill your wine for free!

And!! Their breakfast is awesooooome and super delicioso! Nicely plated, can be customized the way you want it to be cooked and of decent amount! Not like other free breakfasts that scream, “well, you get what you pay for.”


I got the bangus and it comes with rice, egg a fruit juice/coffee and atchara on the side! Super yum and filling!


FREE breakfast also comes with not just one but TWO eggs. Yayyy! This one’s their tapa!


Overall, I’d give Forest House a 9/10! It’s affordable, location is good cause it’s right along Loakan Road which is near other must see places in Baguio, and their customer service is superb! If their TV had cable and the bathroom sink also had heater, I’d give them a perfect 10! But for other travelers, I know this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m just maarte that way. :))

I highly recommend Forest House to be your temporary “home” the next time you visit Baguio! 🙂 Did I mention they serve awesome food too at their restaurant? Guess that’s another thing I must write about!

The Forest House details:


(074) 447 0459




Oh, hello trusty old blog!

I don’t know why I just can’t maintain and update you. Or maybe I do know? Because I’m too lazy to. But I just recently had quit my day job (again, for the second time) to pursue my passion and live what I have been dreaming of all this time.

I am writing again because I came across Arianne Serafico’s blog post, which talks about why one should continue writing and encourages people to start blogging. And look how effective it is!

The thing is, I could not draw myself to write when I don’t feel any emotions. When I don’t feel venting out or when I don’t have something I am excited about. Not that I’m saying that my life for the past year until now has been uneventful, but.. I don’t know.. I guess I just found myself under a rock where I concealed my emotions and thoughts and I think that also made me afraid to voice out what I think in writing. I feel like (well matter of factly) writing is a skill that should be practiced and developed and because I stopped doing it for a long time, I am now in a situation where I am scared and where I feel the lack of confidence to write. Heck, I’m even disappointed at how this post turned out because I can’t remember the words I want to use, the better words that would make this post more comprehensive and cohesive.

But I will try to write every so often so I can at least practice once a week and hopefully bring my lazy ass to write every single day! Yay!


Let’s see how this turns out. 🙂

7107 International Music Festival Day 2 | Outfit Post

So it’s day 2 and we surely got to listen to more artists and take more photos during the day! Yay!

I love this outfit more than the first one and I actually fell in love with it instantly the moment I tried it on. :))

But first… Let me take a selfie! HAHA!


I always put my lipstick on last when I do my make up and I ALWAYS fail to apply it before taking a photo. Sorry for this photo, I only got it from my Instagram, hence the filter.


WELCOME TO 7107 Day 2! So excited!!!

of course we had to take a photo by the humongous billboard!
of course we had to take a photo by the humongous billboard!

As well as with this big falcon/eagle (?) here! We kind of spent a few minutes here to check if we still needed anything from the car of if we wanted to leave anything behind since people couldn’t go out anymore the moment they get inside.


Behind the shots… Funny how on the photo itself it looks nice but the “behind the scenes” will always look awkward for me. Haha.

Freesia taking my photo :)
Freesia taking my photo 🙂


Headband/Bandana from Krizia, Backless halter top from Zara, shorts from Zara, aviators from Fly Shades, leather sling bag from Dooney and Bourke and tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
Headband/Bandana from Krizia, Backless halter top from Zara, shorts from Zara, aviators from Fly Shades, leather sling bag from Dooney and Bourke and tasseled ankle boots from Topshop

Loved the afternoon sun! Waiting for UDD. 🙂


My hair was my best friend on this day! It cooperated so well with Krizia’s headband! 🙂 But it was still really dry. :/


I surely didn’t come up with “ninacurly” for having straight hair!

While waiting in line for the beer. Grabe! There was only one station that sold liquor. Sobrang haba ng pila. 😥 So first, we took a selwie. hahaha! Nakakainis na ako. #weehours HELLO, MR. PHOTOBOMBER!

Me, Krizia and Alvin
Me, Krizia and Alvin

Empire of the Sun! I never thought they would come and perform in the Philippines!


1274287_709569222399055_1659969743_o (1)

There were a lot of artists that I really liked and a lot of photos that I took but they are uploaded either on my Facebook or Instagram. Now I realise it’s a horrible habit to blog very late. Plus I’m really sleepy so I think this post is not as coherent as I wanted it to be. But I hope you liked it and that you learned something from it no matter how materialistic or maarte my posts are. Haha. And oh, I gotta give my sincere kudos and congratulations to Jon Herrera and the rest of the people behind this event. I think you guys are a brave and idealistic bunch. Many people were horrified with the ticket prices and felt that all of this was just a hype (guilty as charged) but as day 2 was about to end, I really hoped that there was a day 3 because it was so fun. This has been the best concert and event I have ever been to so far and it’s sad because now I have such a high expectation for the others but I know there won’t be something like this until the next one! Logistics were superb, me and my friends did not have to wait for more than 5 minutes to get into a portable toilet, and the artists they brought in were artists I never thought would come to the Philippines like Empire of the Sun, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Kendrick Lamar. I just hope I have a job already before the second 7107 International Music Festival! 😛 I’d definitely save a lot for a music event like this! 🙂

7107 International Music Festival Day 1 | Outfit Post

I know, I know. This post is too late to blog about! But I’m really trying to lessen the backlog and make up for my bum days. Cause what will I blog if I’m always at home cleaning? Haha.

I never intended to go to this music festival after learning that they did not meet my expectations or even a single artist that I really, really hoped for to see! Plus, I thought the ticket prices were too expensive. But then my best friend from college was celebrating her birthday soon and she kind of encouraged me to go. And I was like, okay fine I just have to find very cheap tickets. I went to Twitter to check for anyone selling tickets (at 2AM ha and on the day itself) and I found someone who sold it for P 2,000! I was so happyyy! Well, almost. I didn’t have anything to wear!!!! I mean for sure everyone’s going to get dressed up for the first ever international music festival in the country! I went to TriNoma and hurried to my favorite stores and luckily I was able to buy pieces that I really, really like even until now. 🙂

We got there at around four in the afternoon or five so we couldn’t get nice shots anymore because there was no more sun. Anyhoo, here is my OOTD for 7107 day 1!

I apologize for the badly edited photos haha. I really had bad lighting. 😦 But thank you to Freesia for always taking my photos and coming with me here! 🙂


Bandeau thingy from Zara, denim shorts DIY, denim polo thrifted, sling leather bag from Dooney & Bourke, tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
Bandeau thingy from Zara, denim shorts DIY, denim polo thrifted, sling leather bag from Dooney & Bourke, tasseled ankle boots from Topshop
with mi college friends!
with mi college friends!
taking my time and living in the moment chos!
taking my time and living in the moment chos!


Day 1 seriously felt like a rush for me but it was fun! Surprisingly, the logistics were very well executed and I felt safe on the concert grounds! Good job for day 1!

Current Favorite Tracks

Okay. I know I asked for any suggestions for my next post but you guys were too slow to race with a bum’s mind lol. Or just because of the unfortunate truth that no one has read my previous post yet. Hahaha! I thought of this idea when I was taking a shower. Where else when you’re a bum right?!

First song and video is…. TADAAA! Of course it’s gonna be Sam Smith’s!!! I love all of his songs but this rendition has got to be the best he’s ever done so farrrr! (Though I have to admit this is the only rendition he did that I have listened to. Is there anything else? Haha.) So guys, pause Latch for now and give a chance to Sam Smith’s rendition of How Will I Know by Whitney Houston!

Now try singing like Sam Smith! Ang sarap magfeeling singer when I sing this song! :))

Second one is Tove Lo’s Stay High (Habits Remix) feat. Hippie Sabotage. Take note that I like the remix ah not the original one! Mas nakakahigh yung remix. Chos! This passes for sexy time music, weed sessions, and soundtrack ng drama ng lovelife mo. If I was to pick a soundtrack for my life movie, this would definitely show on the credits!

Of course, for the third one and my current crush, I gotta give it to my future husband, Pharell!!!! Hahaha! I LOVE HIS LATEST ALBUM, GIRL! Even the album cover omg I cannot even put on proper punctuation marks except for so many exclamation points!!!!!!!! :)) There is definitely more to this man than trying to steal a scene with his hat. I have so many songs that I like from his new album but my top 1 is Hunter! Ang saya pa kasi I first heard this song while we were approaching Vegas na so before you listen to this song, imagine yourself in the car, seeing the dancing lights of Las Vegas tapos sobrang party na party ka na! Hahaha. Go have a listen! Love this performance at Jimmy Kimmel by the way!

Fourth one I love focuses more on the beat and the music itself rather than the lyrics or the melody. But I like the voice of whoever is singing! 🙂 I don’t go partying anymore or spend the night out as often but for me this kind of song is best listened to while driving, chilling on my couch and taking a shower!

Next current favorite wants to make me go out right now and party haha. Don’t worry I always contradict myself. I honestly am not all over the song but I loooove the video. I know this contradicts my blog title (told ya haha) but hello. I would not let you miss watching Chris Brown’s hotness here while dancinggggg!!!!! PLUS he wore the grandma/bucket hat way better than Justin Bieber! And my baby Lil Wayne is here toooo! <3. Don’t go hatin’! I find him cute hahaha.

Last one on the list is……. LFT by Quadron!!! If you’re a fan of jazzy, soulful and classy music then I am quite sure you’ll fall in love with her. Don’t worry Jessie Ware, you’re still my number 1 forever. 🙂 But my cousin definitely is Quadron’s number one and genuine lover! I actually learned Quadron from him. If you haven’t listened to this artist yet, then you better press the play button beeloow! Make my cousin and Quadron happy!

There you gooo. 🙂 Do you love my current favorites or hate them? Did you learn a thing or two or discovered a new artist? Please comment below so I’ll know if I’m doing any good for the universe! 🙂


Wow. It’s been two years since I last wrote my “most recent” entry. Lol. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad I got to visit this baby again! 🙂 Yes, I will now call it “baby” because I intend to nurture and develop it like a real kid. :)) 


So many changes…. Before, I’ve never left the country and now, I’ve already explored four unexpected worlds I never thought I could ever go to. Six months ago, I had a job which answered to most of my whims and short lived luxurious life (well, it wasn’t really like how you think “luxurious” is haha) and now I stay at home six days a week or fine, seven! Haha. #bumlifeforsixmonthsandcounting 

Okay. So maybe that is why I decided to write again.. I can’t think of anything to do! I just hope I reach the goals I set for this neglected blog of moi!

If there’s anyone reading this, please let me know any thoughts that you may have or any suggestions for my next blog post! I’d really appreciate your time and input or just anything at all! Even the negative! Okay? Okay. Haha.


-Nina. 🙂

Sunday With The Two

My siblings and I do not see each other often so we make sure that whenever we have free time, we would eat out and just take gazillions of pictures for us to look at if we suddenly miss each other. LOL.

I have been wanting to go to Stacy’s for the longest time but it was only last Sunday, August 11, 2012 that I had the chance to go.

I went with my Ate and my younger brother, Victor. Too bad Blinky had to study for her exams on a weekend. 😦

The place was so nice although it was really small to accommodate their growing number of customers. The servers asked us to wait outside and that they would just call us if there would be a free table inside.

So we just did what they asked and of course took photos immediately!

The place was really nice! Dainty, cozy and you’ll feel like you’re not in Quezon City at all.

My ate na emotera. 🙂

Litol brother 🙂

and of course, me! 🙂

We waited for I think 20 minutes and the servers were just too damn busy to assist us so we just decided to eat outside. While we were waiting for our food, syempre we took pictures again!

Finally… the food!!!! 🙂

This one is super yummy! It’s called Waikiki Omu-Rice! It looks like it can be cooked by anyone but trust me masarap talaga sya. 🙂 

I forgot what this was called basta may French something. It’s a new addition to their menu. 🙂

I think this one’s called Ceralovers Mix? Haha.

My brother didn’t like this vanilla shake and so did I. We loved the chocolate shake though.

I hope someday you make it on the cover of Esquire. Lols.

My office mates will be very happy —paper straw!

Wow, after how many years?! Peter’s Butter Ball. Didn’t even know they still have those. Anyway, if you go to Stacy’s they will give you these candies together with your receipt. 🙂

So many people…. If you want to go here I suggest you go early or have a table reserved for you.

But, overall, it was a happy day with Ate and Victor. 🙂